30 Reasons To Live: Day 20


Fantasy King

Goals are important to have no matter what you are pursuing. Goals give you a reason to do things. Without them life becomes mundane and stagnant. Now some goals are seriously important like becoming debt free or living a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand goals can be silly and fun like I want to own every superhero movie or I want to win my fantasy league, which are personal goals of mine.

I’ve been playing fantasy sports for over 10 years and since that time I’ve won a handful of championships that amounted to a pat on the back. I don’t play for money and so there isn’t much of a reward other then bragging rights with my fantasy friends, which doesn’t last long. However, in the past three years I’ve played in a league where the champion is awarded a UFC inspired belt.

How close have I gotten?

I’ve made the playoffs every year I’ve played and every year I’ve failed. Whether it’s because of injuries or forgetting to start Gronk (kicking myself in the butt) I’ve never been able to capture that tangible reward. So hear I am about to start another season and at this point this may be my last year considering what could happen in the upcoming months. So here’s to another year of pursuing that elusive gold I’ve been hoping for my entire fantasy career.

Pic Credit: Felipe Rocha


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